Edible/Cosmetic Silver Flakes, Size 3, 1g Genuine Silver Flakes For Food & Cosmetics Products

Noris Blatt Gold Fabrik Brand

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  • 1g Genuine silver flakes for food, soap and edible toppings
  • Silver flakes size 3
  • Cosmetics & edible standard
  • Made in Germany


In Stock

The genuine silver flakes are used in the food and cosmetic industries. Add a luxury style to your honey, chocolate and desserts to increase its value.
– Flakes size 3.
– 1g Edible silver flakes are great together with gold flakes as they provide contrast and luxury appearance.
– Can be used on food, cake, sweets and coffee, so perfect for sushi due to the contrast between black and silver.
– Used in the beauty and cosmetic industries.
– Widely used by mixed media artists, soap and ceramic artists, pottery and bookmakers.
– Always avoid touching the silver flakes with your fingers.
– Avoid breathing over the flakes.
– Always keep the silver flakes in a dry place, between 10c and 30c.
Certified: Both the United States and the European Union authorised the gold and silver leaf as an edible metal under the code E175.