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Noris 23.6k Gold Leaf Booklet (Transfer) Ducate Antique Gold, 25 Leafs, 8x8cm

Noris Blatt Gold Fabrik Brand

In stock

  • 23.6k Ducate Antique Gold
  • Leaf size 80x80mm
  • Patent (Transfer) leaf
  • Noris Gold Leaf (Germany)


In stock

Noris 23.6k gold leaf booklet, Ducate Antique Gold, Patent. The individual gold leafs are pressed onto a tissue paper. It is more easily handled. It is also possible to cut the patent leaves into desired shapes/forms with scissors. The leafs are placed onto the prepared surface, and carefully rubbed with a gilding brush. The tissue paper may then be removed as the gold leaf will adhere to the surface / object.

Perfect for gilding furniture, walls, ceiling and decorative objects. Applicable on all kinds of materials such as wood, metal, gib-board, stone, glass, ceramic, concrete, paper, plastic, fabric etc.

When gilding onto a flat surface such as walls, ceilings or sign-writing, it is best to use the transfer leaf which is pressed onto a backing sheet of acid-free tissue paper.

– 23.6k Gold Leaf Booklet, Ducate Antique Gold, Patent
– Each booklet contains 25 leafs.
– Professional grade by Noris (Germany).
– For indoor/outdoor use.
– Always avoid touching the palladium leafs with your fingers.
– Apply the leafs in a non-draught environment or use transfer Palladium.
– Avoid breathing over the leaf as this will cause the leaf to wrinkle or fly away.
– Always keep the leafs in a dry place, between 10c and 30c.

Leaf size: Standard European size of 80×80 mm
Coverage: x157 leafs sqm. Exclude waste and overlap.