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Genuine Gold leaf

The genuine gold leaf is for both indoor and outdoor gilding. Genuine gold leaf available from 6k white gold (gold and palladium mixed together) up to 24k Extra Thick Gold Leaf, green gold leaf has the addition of silver, and red gold leaf is a about 20% copper added to the gold. However, for outdoor gilding, you must use 23k and above to avoid oxidisation. There are many different types of metal leaf you can choose to gild with including Genuine Gold leaf, Imitation gold Leaf, Genuine Copper Leaf, Imitation Copper Leaf, Genuine Silver Leaf, Imitation Silver Leaf, Variegated Gold Leaf, and Colored Gold leaf.

Gilding Supplies

We stock high quality and professional gilding supplies from Noris Blattgold, Kolner and Nazionale.

Gilding Size

The Instacoll Gilding Size gloss (the mat is for indoor only) is for porous and non-porous surfaces, interior & exterior when gilding with genuine gold leaf. For gilding with imitation gold, silver, copper use Permacoll Gilding Size but for interior only. For general gilding with imitation gold, copper and silver on wood use Nazionale Mission gilding size. For special gilding projects, read Choosing The Right Gilding Adhesive.

Gilding Workshops

Learn how to gild anything on wood, metal, stone & fabric:

Water Gilding with KGGG System Fond, Buy now at Gold Leaf NZ

Edible gold inspiration using
24k gold flakes and gold Leaf

Add a luxury style to your dinning moment using

24k gold flakes and edible gold leaf.

Turn your usual celebration into a royal event by adding some gold flakes to your food and beverage.

The reward is nothing but a golden memory for years to come.

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How do you apply edible gold leaf to a cake?

  • For the loose gold leaf, slide the gold leaf onto the cake. You can also use the Edible Leaf Application (Gilder’s Tip) to place the gold / silver leaf precisely where you want.
  • Always avoid touching gold leafs with your fingers.
  • Apply the leafs in a non-draught environment.
  • Avoid breathing over the leaf as this will cause the leaf to wrinkle or fly away.
  • Always keep the leafs in a dry place, between 10c and 30c.
  • Use the supplied edible gold or silver leafs within three years from the date of purchase.
  • For the edible gold leaf to stick, make sure your cake is free of any powder or sugar.
  • If the surface of the cake is wet or moist already, then that’s best, if it is dry and hard (such as biscuit) brush a thin layer of water over the area where you will apply the gold leaf using a food paintbrush.
  • Use the Edible Leaf Application Brush for picking up the gold leaf and place precisely where you want on the cake, the Gilder’s Tip is perfect for applying gold leaf vertically such as on the cake outside walls.
  • If you do not have the Edible Leaf Application Brush, slide the gold leaf to drop where you want. For Transfer gold leaf, face the gold side on the cake and then use cotton or the Transfer brush and press down gently on the back of the tissue paper to transfer the leaf from its tissue paper onto the cake.

Choosing The Right Gilding Size

Instacoll System

Instacoll gilding is for interior and exterior gilding. It can be used on wood, stone, plaster, metal and glass. For gilding with genuine gold leafsilver leaf, palladium leaf and white gold. It comes in gloss or matt finish.

The Instacoll Systemis made up of two components: The Base and the Activator. The perfect adherence is achieved in two steps. Firstly the surface is treated by a base and secondly the adherence activating Activator is applied.

The application of the Activator can be applied at any time, even months later. Instacoll HA has a slightly better adherence and is especially developed for metal leaves that are thicker than the standard gold leaves. Instacoll HA Grey is especially developed for the processing of Silver and Palladium leaves. The proces- sing with Instacoll HA is the same as processing with normal Instacoll with the exception of an extended drying time.

Instacoll Base HA must dry a minimum of 48h before it can be activated with the Instacoll Activator HA. Instacoll Base can be used for signwriting without Activator. Let the surface dry after the application of Instacoll for about one hour. Then you will have about one hour for gilding. Use soft cloth for pressing down the gold leafs, e.g. the special Instacoll Tissue.

The activation can be done after 1-2 hours but also after 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or even after a year. This is why Instacoll Base should be applied to the complete surface.

All drying and processing times are base on temperatures between 15-20°C and a humidity of 50-80%).

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Kolner Classic Poliment

For professional gilding and associated restoration work. Poliment —also known as bole— is a clay-like substance. It serves as a base layer for the gold leaf when gilding poliment. It is applied to the prepared surface, which is usually Gesso. Gesso is a mixture of chalk and glue (rabbit skin glue). The poliment layer and the underlying layer of Gesso create a layer that permits the polishing of gold with agate burnishers. Poliment gilding can only be used on absorbing surfaces.

The polimentcomes unprepared and has to be mixed with a rabbit skin glue before it can be applied. But also available premixed boleand ready to be applied as is.

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Kolner Permacoll Size

For interior applications only. Permanent contact adhesive on acryl base. It is usable for interior applications only. It has more adhesive strength than Instacoll and is therefore particularly well suited for gilding with imitation metal leaf,silverand copper. This high-quality adhesive ensures a special shine for all metal leaves. A poliment gilding effect can also be easily imitated with the red Permacoll.

The Permacoll Size offers far more flexibility than oil sizes with their long drying times and short working times. Permacoll Size dries within 15 to 30 minutes, depending upon thickness and remaining pourosity of surface. Metal leaf can be applied hours or even days later. This product is designed for the attainment of decorative metallic surfaces that are not exposed to the weather or excessive wear. It is not burnishable.

Permacoll Gilding Size is recommended as an adhesive for metal leaf on all types of non-porous surfaces, smooth or textured. Uses include the preparation of frames, the decoration of sets for theater, film, and window displays as well as architectural ornaments.

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Permacoll Patina

Patina on acryl base. Suitable for simulated aging of gilded surfaces indoors. Creates high contrast and vivid gilding. Suitable for all kinds of gold leaf and metal leaf with the use of all adhesive techniques.

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Kölner Leaf Protect Varnish

High quality transparent water-based protective lacquer. To protect the gilded surfaces from external influences and oxidation. The metallic luster is not lost and the adhesive base is not destroyed. Kölner Leaf Protect on gold and metal leaf is only suitable for interior use.

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Kolner KGGG System Fond

The Kölner KGGG system consists of three components: Component 1 is impregnation agent (Sealer PSealer 123A), Component 2 is burnishing clay (Fond) and Component 3 is a size for water gilding (Colnasol).

Formulated for brush application, Kolner Fond is a water-based burnishable gesso primer for gold, silver and composition leaf.

The components are water dilutable and applied without warming. Thereby you safe time and get a good adhesive between the different layers.

Kölner Fond is a water-based, one-layer gilders clay, which replaces the Gesso and bole/poliment layers of the traditional system. The Fond can be applied directly in the correct colour without warming the product. Usually, 4 to 6 layers are applied, depending on the type of the present reliefs. A dry film thickness of 150 μm must be reached everywhere where later the leaf metal will be burnished.

Firstly, the Fond must be stirred. Don’t shake, otherwise air bubbles will arise. Applying the Fond occurs in at least 4 layers. As soon as the last layer has dried, it should be mildly polished with a damp cloth. Afterwards, it is polished with Polishing Paduntil it shines.

This product – available in 7 colors- is ideally suited for creation of water gilded and burnished frames, interior architectural elements and furniture ornaments, to achieve a traditional look for less effort.

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KGGG-System Sealer Pand Sealer 123a

The impregnation agent is used to seal an absorbing surface, which forms a film inside the material without building a closed layer at the surface. Such materials are, amongst others, plaster and paper material. The impregnation agent improves the adhesion between the work material and the following primer coat. Therefore, it is very important that the correct impregnation agent is used.

The impregnation agent provides a better adhesive for the KGGG-Fond.

Kölner Sealer P is a water dilutable, acrylic resin dispersion. The solvent content is < 1 %. After film building, the layer can only be removed with acetone or ethanol. Brushes should be washed out with water. The product can be stored for at least 1 year.

Advantage of Sealer P over Sealer 123 A are an enhanced provision of adhesion of Kölner KGGG Fond and spray fond, as well as a lower impregnation depth for extremely absorbing underlayers, e.g. plaster. Sealer 123a is diluted with water. It is applied to diminish absorbing surfaces, and to secure the adhesion of the next layer of fond. It can be used for gilding on plaster, stone and wood.

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Kolner Relief Plaster

The Kölner Relief plaster is a repair compound used for picture frames, or for relief from wood or plaster. The special thing is that the dried Relief plaster can be poliment gilded directly on small repair areas, without applying KGGG fond.

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Rapid Stone Mason

Kolner Rapid is specifically developed for stone mason requirements such as headtone gilding and statues, stone buildings. The adhesive is applied undiluted in two layers with a brush. After approximately 15 minutes of drying (depending on the thickness of the Rapid layer, temperature, and relative humidity), you can either apply a second layer of Rapid or you can start gilding. Beware that the Rapid layer must be completely dry before gilding. After that, you have three days open time to make a high-quality gilding.

If it concerns a strongly absorbing surface, several layers of adhesive can be applied. Make sure that the layer is always completely dry before painting a next layer.

Sealing the stone is then no longer necessary. Working with Kölner Rapid is comfortable and safe, and will quickly feel natural. Especially work outdoors can be done fast, yet with high quality, for example on site or/and at the cemetery.

For large surfaces, Kölner Rapid can be sprayed as well after diluting it with no more than 8 % distilled water. A low pressure sprayer with a nozzle size of 1 – 1,5 mm is recommended.

Kolner Rapid can also be applied with a brush. Colours: Yellow or clear, drying time only 15 minutes, open time up to 8 hours guarantee.

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Miniatum Gilding On Paper & Leather

Kölner Miniatum Size for high gloss for gilding on paper, vellum, leather and flexible surfaces. Kölner Miniatum products are developed for the gilding of paintings and writings (calligraphy).

It is easy to use. Apply, let it dry and metallize it with transfer gold leaf within the next 24 hours. Product feature: On the basis of a watery, glycol-containing acrylic dispersion. It contains small quantities butylcarbitol. Make sure that there is sufficient ventilation while working with this product!
High gloss gilding and silvering. Particularly used on paper and other flexible surfaces, but can also be used on non-flexible surfaces. Kölner Miniatum should be processed at a room temperature between 15 – 25 °C. Additional dilution with water is possible. However, this should not exceed 5 %. It can be stored for at least 1 year after production. Brushes, pens and so on should be cleaned with soap and water, as long as the size has not formed a film. For longer works, periodic cleaning with water can become necessary, in particular with high temperature surroundings. Cleaning with alcohol or acetone is possible after filming.

The elastic nature of the size assures a long lasting gilded surface. The turning of illuminated pages will not cause the leaf to delaminate. Adhesion is guaranteed on paper, vellum (degreased), smooth leather and different plastic foils (plasticizer-free), as well as on metal-concealed papers (aluminium) and a lot of other materials.

Miniatum is especially important for gilding in the domain of book illumination. Even without agate burnishing, surfaces with spectacular high-gloss can be achieved. Miniatum works perfectly when high gloss is desired, especially for small surfaces.

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Ceramic Gilding

Ceramic is a gilding adhesive for complementing and repairing imperfections in high gloss gildings on porcelain or ceramics. A dilution with water is possible. The products KT-5 and KT-5-hv can be mixed with each other.

Ceramic gilding size kt5 in gel form. With this product, small imperfections and bursts in ceramic material can be filled. After film building, it can be gilded with transfer gold. The result is a high gloss gilding.

Gilding size for mirror gloss gilding on china and ceramics. Formulated for repairing of small injuries of gilded china or ceramics. KT 5 / KT 5hv is a water based non burnishable size for patent gold. KT – 5 hv should be applied with a small spatula or surface knife. The metal shine is mirror like after polishing with cotton wool. KT 5 / KT 5hv can be intermixed and thinned with water.

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Traditional Water Gilding

Traditional water gilding is time consuming but very rewarding and much cheaper than todays new products. You will need to make your gesso. Mix the Rabbit Skin Glueand apply layer or two of clay(bole). The bole allows for polishing the gold with an agate stone burnisherto get a very smooth and shiny effect. The results of water gilding is an impressive gold finish.