Vendor Terms

You = the vendor
The website =
We, us = Gold Leaf NZ Limited

  1. By signing up or registering on the website to become a vendor you agree not just to the terms and conditions of Gold Leaf NZ but also to the following vendor’s terms and Conditions.
  2. The vendor’s product details including photos must be accurate and up to date.
  3. The vendor is responsible to provide a replacement or a refund within seven days of being notified by the customer or Gold Leaf NZ in the event of a product was faulty, miss-advertised or not fit to the purpose.
  4. The vendor may change their prices, and create sales and promotions at any time for their products.
  5. The vendor must advertise only the products that are available to be shipped to customers within seven days.
  6. Withdrawal can only be made by the vendor and after 30 days of the sale.
  7. Gold Leaf NZ reserves the right to reject any product being advertised on this website or even cancel the vendor listings at their sole discretion and no prior warning is given to the vendor.
  8. Gold Leaf NZ may or may not pass over to the vendor customer’s details even in the event of a dispute.
  9. The vendor may not make contact with Gold Leaf NZ’s customers unless authorised by Gold Leaf in written form.
  10. Gold Leaf NZ have the absolute rights for setting vendor prices, sales, and promotions.
  11. Gold Leaf NZ will do their best to advertise, promote and sell all products listed on the website according to the business module that they see is right, and the vendor has no input in this regard.
  12. It is entirely up to Gold Leaf NZ to publish on the website or not the vendor’s business contact details including business name, phone number, email, website etc.
  13. In the event of the sold product(s) not being fulfilled and shipped by the vendor on time, the vendor shall pay Gold Leaf all the expenses that Gold Leaf NZ incurred.
  14. The vendor agrees to the terms and conditions of PayPal, Afterpay and any other payment methods that customers choose.
  15. Gold Leaf NZ charges a commission on all sales. This commission is communicated in private with the vendor via email.
  16. The vendor can only withdraw funds after 30 days of their products being sold.