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Gilding Set (3pcs): Gilder’s cushion, Gilder’s Knife, & Agate Stone Burnishing Tool


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  • Gilding Set (3 pieces)
  • Cushion, knife, & agate stone burnishing #17
  • For gold & silver leafs
  • Professional quality
  • Made in Italy


In Stock

Buy these three essential gilding tools together and save money.

Gilder’s Cushion
Gilders cushion is needed for all genuine gold and silver leafs. On a rectangular wooden base, a layer of foam is covered with soft suede leather: the final result is a cushion with a rigid base, easy to handle, with a slightly convex and elastic surface, on which the leaf is picked up buy the Gilders Tip, placed for cutting with the Gilders Knife.

Cushion and knife are mainly used for gold and silver leaves to optimize the use of materials while minimizing waste. A light dusting of the leather surface with gypsum or ash obtained from rice straw minimizes the risk of adhesion of the gold leaf to the cushion surface during cutting.

Gilders’ Knife
Gilders’ knife made of high-grade steel for cutting the gold and silver leafs on the gilders’ cushion. Before use the blade has to be degreased carefully with Ethanol. Do not touch the blade to avoid graesing. The gilding knife is an instrument designed and created specifically for gilding and essential for the correct application of gold leaf. Thanks to its well – sharp blade, it allows you to easily and accurately cut the gold leaf into the appropriate dimensions for the decoration to be carried out.

Agate Stone Burnishing Tool #17
Agate is a semi-precious stone, which consists of certain siliceous materials. There are different kinds of colourings of agate. Each colour looks different and is therefore unique. The burnishers are suitable for all leaf metals that can be processed with the poliment gilding technique. Because the polishing stones are highly sensitive, it is recommended to keep them away from hard surfaces to avoid them getting scratched.

This burnisher #17 is the most used shape by gilders, you can burnish almost any gilded surface with it.