Vinyl Lettering Stickers

  • Vinyl lettering quality: Oracal 651 is suitable for all kinds of surfaces such as glass, metal, plastic, fibreglass, paper, wood, concrete and more.
  • How to order: 1. Enter your text, and pick your font style. 2- Choose a colour, and enter the height or width of your text. 3- Select quantity and to Cart then go to checkout. If you want more than one sign then repeat the same process, then go to checkout to complete your order.
  • Colours: Some colours are more expensive than others.
  • Price: The cost is based on three factors: 1. text height, 2. number of characters, and 3. the vinyl colour.
  • Base price: Base price: the price per character is the same for up to 50mm in height.

We only use high-quality Oracal 651 self-adhesive vinyl stickers, made in Germany, and it is the world standard for signs including vehicle graphics, indoor and outdoor signs, windows signs, boat signs and wall decals. Suitable for: General sign, Vehicle graphics, Window sign, Marine sign

Outdoor durability for Oracal 651:

5 years (black/white)
4 years (transparent / coloured / metallic)
3 years (brilliant blue)
Solvent polyacrylate, permanent

How to install the vinyl lettering:

The vinyl lettering will arrive to you with application transfer tape applied, ready to peel off and stick just like the one in this video. Click here to watch a short video.
Use a plastic card. Peel off the paper backing, stick the lettering and finally remove the transfer tape.