24k Cosmetic Gold Leaf 43x43mm, 100 Leafs


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24k Cosmetic gold leaf
Pack of 100 gold leafs
Leaf size 43x43mm
Each leaf in its own paper sleeve
Loose gold leaf


In stock

Many luxury spas use 24-carat gold leaf treatments to hydrate, firm and moisturize the skin, claiming reduced fine lines and wrinkles and resulting in smooth and radiant skin.

Gold leaf facial treatment put on the face naturally rejuvenates skin and reduce wrinkles. Gold locks in moisture and keeps skin firm by maintaining collagen in the skin and inhibiting the breakdown of elastin.

Exclusively made-up of natural products, Beauty Gold is not tested on animals and it is obtained thanks to a specific production process that makes it completely non-allergenic.

How to use:

  • Well prepared before skin cares.
  • After fresh,apply serum (white extracts) as base.
  • Cut the gold foil mask according to face figures, stand by applying the mask all face, if not well,tenderly press it with protecting paper.
  • Massage for 8-10 mins with serum, make the gold foil mask completely penetrated.
  • Enjoy a new beautiful skin.
Dimensions 43 × 43 mm