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Noris 23k Genuine Gold Flakes, Edible & Cosmetics Standard, Size 3

Noris Blatt Gold Fabrik Brand

  • 23k Genuine Gold Flakes
  • Flakes size 3
  • Cosmetics & Edible Standard
  • Made in Germany



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23k Genuine gold flakes, size three. The new luxury look of sparkling gold flakes. Great for honey and chocolate manufacturers.

– Genuine 23k gold flakes.
– Cosmetics standard.
– Perfect for cake shops, chocolates, honey, and cosmetic products manufacturers.
– Edible and cosmetics standard.
– Always avoid touching gold flakes with your fingers.
– Avoid breathing over the flakes as this will cause the flakes to fly away.
– Always keep the flakes in a dry place, between 10c and 30c.
– Use the supplied edible gold or silver flakes within three years from the date of purchase.
– Ingredients: 99% gold and 1% silver.

Price for 1 KG or more
The price for 1kg or more is given on the day you want to order. Please contact us first to give you a price based on the current gold price.

Both the United States and the European Union authorise the gold and silver leaf as an edible metal under the code E175. The leafs are so thin that they will disintegrate in your mouth instantly.

24k or 23k?
Manufacturers of gold flakes do not produce 24k gold flakes, because the flakes stick to each other once added in your honey, chocolate or your cosmetics products. To get around this, manufacturers add 1% silver to keep the flakes apart from each other.

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    Edible gold leafs are not the same gold leafs that used to decorate walls, furniture and valuable objects. Edible gold is not only made from genuine gold but also manufactured specifically for the food industry with strict safety standards; this means all the equipment are rubricated with vegetarian oil and not with toxic industrial oil.

    BEWARE OFF: Cheap edible gold, is a sign it is NOT made from genuine gold, genuine gold is costly, usually the price for 50 imitation gold leafs = one genuine gold leaf.

    Non-genuine gold (imitation) is made from zinc, resin and mixed alloy, plus made on machines that are rubricated with industrial oil, toxic and harmful to human consumption.

    Generally, gold leaf from 22-24k is suitable for human consumption. Both the United States and the European Union authorised the genuine gold leaf for human consumption under food colouring # E175, and the genuine silver leaf under food colouring # E174). The leafs are so thin that they will disintegrate in your mouth instantly.

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